Mission & Process

A versatile, multi-disciplined, full-service firm, Frank Ponterio Interior Design has been responsible for completing a range of incomparable residential and commercial designs since 1994.

Taking the lead role in all design work, Frank is supported by the firm’s design and management teams, allowing him to focus his efforts on his clients to ensure each project is grounded in superior design and individuality. Frank Ponterio Interior Design’s growing client base and team, along with his more than 20 years of industry experience, speak to the firm’s success, which Frank attributes in part to a thorough and comprehensive approach to design. Exhibiting a tenacious work ethic, astute design vision and friendly disposition, Frank seeks to ensure each project meets with the highest expectations of the firm’s exclusive clientele.

From the one-on-one design consultation to the final reveal, Frank specializes and participates in all areas of the design process.  He approaches each project with a management style that is both collaborative and considerate, aimed at acquiring a deep understanding of each client’s needs and vision to ensure the end result is tailored to fit each highly distinctive lifestyle. The firm’s team offers expertise across all interior design disciplines; from licensed architecture and interior design services to creative and skilled drafting, design and decorating, Frank Ponterio Interior Design is truly high-touch and full service.

Frank Ponterio Interior Design’s mission is to establish a mutually rewarding, purpose-driven and highly individualized experience. From the initial explorations of conceptual design to the studied attention required for historic restoration, from the precision of interior architecture to fittings and furniture, each project is serviced to the highest standards of excellence.

We have completed two homes with Frank and his team over the course of three years, and we are in the process of working on our third…We have learned to trust Frank and his team when it comes to design, scope and delivering the overall lifestyle we want. He opened our eyes to many different colors, textures and furnishings we would have never put together on our own. Both of our homes are designed in different styles, and each of them has exceeded our expectations.

Liz Stone
Residential Client