Lake Forest Preservation Foundation’s Annual Benefit House and Garden Walk

Frank Ponterio – October 17, 2014

At the end of September, I had the opportunity to attend the Lake Forest Preservation Foundation’s Annual Benefit House and Garden Walk. The event was held to raise funds for local preservation projects, including the restoration of historic sites, structures, landscapes and amenities in the Lake Forest community, and I was delighted to support a cause that hit so close to home.

The 2.5 hour walk consisted of touring four beautiful homes and five gardens ranging from 1920’s chic to the latest in traditional architecture and design. My personal favorite was the Clow residence built in 1927 by the great David Adler and designed by Frances Elkins. I was impressed to see that many of the original items Elkins used in her design remain intact. What’s more, the level of quality, proportion and detail was very much on par with the Adler projects I’ve worked on. It amazes me that the home has only had three owners, and I hope the new owners take pleasure and care for the home as much as their predecessors.

I look forward to attending again next year!

All my best,

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